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Freedom, the Government, and YOU

by Publius

They say there is a "crisis". They say that the economy needs "stimulation". Well, just as a crackhead's crash after the party is trying to tell him that something is wrong and to stop doing what he has been doing, so too is the crash (a.k.a. reality check) we are seeing in the stock market and in certain business lines (finance, autos, homes, retail) nothing but the economy trying to tell us that it has been overstimulated by the government drugs of intervention and easy credit, and that Congress should stop thinking that it is its job (or its right) to "run the economy".

As to the "crisis", the only crisis is that the economic body, after years of government meddling via easy credit and central planning, is showing the normal signs of trying to cure itself by revolting and creatively destroying all the ponzi schemes that have been foisted on it by the "bright sparks upstairs" in Washington under the guise of government "help". My friends, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that continued application of the stimulant (be it crack, or easy credit, or government meddling in economic management) will lead to death, and, to deliberately beat a dead horse, unlike a crackhead who rarely goes off the pipe, this economy is screaming to be left alone so it can correct itself by excising those that bet against the house (reality) and now must lose. Did you make bad choices as a businessman and take on too much debt? Do the cards lay against you as a homeowner who took on too much house? Too bad. Life is rough - get a helmet. Your brother is NOT your keeper.

Continuing the drug imagery, an addict was once asked if he had a drug problem. His reply was '"Only when I can't get any". This seems to also be the attitude of our government which, in concert with the national media, is water-boarding the citizens with an incessant drumbeat of Crisis, Doom, and Pestilence so as to get them to buy into the feel-good, crack-pipe dream of the "good" of: full employment, easy credit, healthcare for all, free education where nobody gets ahead, a chicken in every pot, hugging the whales, saving the trees, being kind to fire engines, feeding the lazy, helping people drill water wells in countries that, in 5000 years, have not figured out how to create a societal structure that would result in them drilling it for themselves, and all that other, good-on-the-surface for the non-thinking man, communist/socialist/collectivist drivel that, lubricated by easy credit and free spending monetary policy, has been swallowed by the masses for centuries, and in every case, has led to their subjugation and eventual extinction, either as a people or as a society.

Make no mistake, any "crisis" that we now are being trained to believe in, and that is being held up as but today's excuse for more government intervention, is nothing more than the proper and normal manifestation of our capitalist economy trying to correct itself after years of government expansion and spending - all surrounding the creation and expansion of the Nanny State. For all you Republicans out there, yes, I am talking about the Corporatist Nanny State you helped create. For all you Democrats out there, yes, I am talking about the Lazy Man's Nanny State that you helped create. Make no mistake, though, regardless of what brand of Nannyisim is keeping house, nannies have CONTROL of children, and make no further mistake apprehending that if you follow the money, you will find that there are those that are making money and consolidating their control and power as a result of the presently styled "crisis". For those who care to look further, you will also find that shackles are being placed that are going to lead directly to a more collectivist and fascist government that is intent on control over every aspect of your lives. As fascism always comes to the party as a prince "looking out for the collective societal and economic good", beware BOTH Republicans and by Democrats as they try and sell you on their version of "the good" . Again, the end game for both the Repubs and the Dems is control of you and your pocketbook, and, not to put too fine a point on things, the truth of the matter, and the motivation for all the strident calls by those in government, and those in talking head positions (even those such as Bill O'RileMeUp) to "save the economy", "save the jobs", & "save the financial institutions" boils down to this .......

  • Political Power derives from government's ability to spend money
  • Money comes from taxes
  • Taxes come from people that are exchanging money
  • Exchanging money comes from the "economy"
  • Better economy (better for whom?) equals more taxes
  • More taxes means more tax money
  • More tax money means more ability for government to spend
  • More spending means more Political Power

And you thought that the government wanted to stimulate things because everybody should be happy and because no lazy person should be left behind! Well, at least now you know why the politicians want to "stimulate" the economy. The dirty little secret is that the government knows that responsible monetary behavior would lead to less tax revenue, and that lower tax revenue would lead to their inability to control thru the string attached to the purse of the government handout. That is why even though we always tell our children not to spend beyond their means, the government is wanting us to spend beyond our children's means.

Summing up, the present "crisis" is government-made, and the True Good is to leave things alone so that a free market can correct things by providing a needed spanking and wake up call to unsustainable social, feel-good, policies. Yes, there will be hard times, but the damage will be far worse if the government continues its meddling. But then I guess that I, too, along with Albert J. Nock, am nothing but a Superfluous Man.