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—Willie Lara —
Sr. Lab Tech, Drash Consulting Engineers

Message from Seat 29E

by a Continental Airlines passenger sitting in Seat 29E

The following is an actual note written by a Continental Airlines passenger sitting in Seat 29E

Message from Seat 29E

Editor's Note:

This is a good lesson for all of us. We sometimes get so involved in solving OUR problem(s) that we forget about the bigger picture. I must confess that I, too, have designed my own Seat 29E(s).

On several of my "seat designs", my clients were amused and gently coaxed me into seeing the "stink" that I was creating. I guess that they mentored me in this way because I was a young engineer just starting out - and probably because the mistake was just so boneheaded that amusement was all that they were left with.

The most memorable client was Mr. George Bennett for whom I was designing foundations, and I thank him here for contributing to my training. Because of the mentoring that I got from this client, I gave ALL his subsequent work extra priority and attention.

This letter to Continental, and my own experience related here, point out that our services truly are provided in a business ecosystem setting and how all the parties involved can cooperate to achieve a good result.

So then, in closing, as you all encounter Seat 29E's with the xGEL LabMate™ please let me know. In addition, lets all look for our own seat 29E's!

If you have you own seat 29E story, send it to [javascript protected email address] and I will see about posting it.

~ Ninja