"Because of your software, I will never have to go back to paperwork and calculations. "

—Juan Nieto—
Tech Services Supervisor, Burge-Martinez Consulting, Inc.

Contact Us

xGEL Data Systems, LLC
3130 Mindoro
San Antonio, TX 78217
(402) 782-1734

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    • For SALES information use this link. Also use this link if you just have General Questions about the xGEL LabMate Software and the platform and capabilities. "Before I sign up I would like to know if xGEL can do this?" kind of questions.
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    • Questions about your invoices and charges to your account.
  • [javascript protected email address]
    • Your requests for enhancements/changes to the program. We cannot guarantee that we can implement them, but we would like to hear from you so that we can prioritize things. Coders do not work for free, so please let us know if you would be willing to pay extra for the enhancement/change, or if you think that the enhancement/change will get us more business, or ease some pain that you are having with the current xGEL LabMate Software.
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    • We would like to hear about things that you think are done right. Our coders sometimes wonder if anybody cares and we would like to hear from you if you think they did a good job on something!
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    • We are not perfect, so this is where you get to vent about things that really hack you off about xGEL LabMate. Things that you think are really bonehead. This is different than a Software Bug Report.
  • [javascript protected email address]
    • Questions about how a feature is supposed to work or for things taht are not in the FAQ.
    • This is different than a software bug report. See SOFTWARE BUG REPORT below.
  • [javascript protected email address]
    • Things that are not working right with the software installed on your lab computer. We would really, really, really like to know:

       • what happened
       • what you expected to happen, and,
       • how to recreate the problem if possible.

      If you can send us screen shots that would be great! TechSmith's Snag It or American Systems PrintScreen are good programs for making screen shots.
  • [javascript protected email address]
    • Broken Links/bad navigation/Stuff like that. We prefer you use the link "What I like about this Page" that is at the top of each page so that we will know what page you are talking about, but you can email us directly too.