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Art Koenig

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Art Koenig - Software Developer

Art is the founder of xGEL Data Systems, LLC and got into the software development business in 2003 when he began to apply business and process optimization to the engineering soils testing lab. Observing the need for more modern processes to speed up the production of the testing lab and reduce human error associated with hand data collection methods, he began the xGEL Initiative, the result of which is the xGEL LabMate™ software.

Art is a 1977 graduate of Rice University and is skilled in VB, MS Access, UI design, web prototyping, & systems information integration - all to the degree that he can hang himself at anytime and thus has to have real software folks around to keep him from choking himself.

In a previous life Art has been a US Army Officer stationed in Germany; a gas compression/ production engineer for Exxon Oil Company in South Texas; president of MDI Labs, an R&D engineering company, and president of GeoLog, a geotechnical engineering company, both of which he was the founder. Art is a Registered Professional Engineer (Tx), holds several patents, has been published, and aside from software, engineering, and reading about political and economic philosophy likes to take long distance rides on his personal watercraft - the longest of which was a 26 day trip up the Mississippi River to St Louis, MO. and back. Married since 1974 to "that girl he met in high school," he lives in San Antonio, Texas with Ninja the cat.

Memorable Quote:

"... the key to superior profits, and the main differentiator, indeed, practically the only differentiator, between the engineering firms of the future, will be their product delivery systems."
— Susan Harris, PhD
Author of "Value Redesigned - New Models for Professional Practice"
Art Koenig

Ben Koenig - Lead Client Side Software Architect/Coder

There is a lot that goes on under the hood of any software product and managing such complexity is Ben's forte.

Ben's skill set comprises VB6, .NET, PHP, MySql, Sql Server, Access, VBA and in addition, he has major strengths in systems engineering, UI development and, in general, thinking outside the box.

Ben has a Physics degree from Washington University in St. Louis, and if you want to have a discussion that ranges from black holes, to gravity waves, to chaos and game theory, to application of neural network and negative back-propagation mechanics, to the physics of vision and color saturation voltage potentials on the optic nerves, and how all that applies to political and economic philosophy, he is the man to talk to.

Memorable quote:

"... managing complexity and making it look easy is harder than it looks."
— Software Developer Author