"With xGEL we do not have to worry about misplacing paper work or doing calculations."

— Juan Nieto
Tech Services Supervisor, Burge-Martinez Consulting, Inc.

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Something driving you crazy? Want to get something off you chest? Got a lesson for younger engineers? Well, this is the place for all that — and more. If you have a spicy commentary/letter to the editor/war story that you want to get off your chest concerning ....

engineering, business, management, advice to younger engineers, ethics , book recommendations, technical articles, crazy clients, crazy employees, Dilbert bosses, ASTM, engineering societies, lab certification redundancy, lab testing, mushroom feeding, etc.,

then you have come to the right place.

Published pieces can either be by-lined with your name for all to see, or be blind published on request to protect the innocent, however, xGEL will need to know who the author is; and, we reserve the right to reject submissions, edit content so as to make things fit, or edit/massage, rework for other reasons so don't go all prissy on us. In addition, all submissions become the exclusive property of xGEL Data Systems, LLC and copyright is automatically assigned to xGEL upon submission. If we publish your submission, you can have bragging rights, and be able to show your family and friends your "stuff" on the web, but that is about it.